Data At Risk

  • Users struggle to balance security and productivity
  • Unauthorized cloud tools store sensitive corporate data
  • Content evolves from one file type to another
  • Data goes dark and lives beyond visibility of IT
  • Audits don’t go far enough to discover vulnerabilities

Our Solution

FileHubTM helps you trace file lifecycles, unify security events and audit usage activity across various storage locations. Patent-pending fingerprinting and match scoring technology gives you context about your sensitive data by discovering look-a-like documents, regardless of file type or repository.

Storage Management

Local storage, network servers and cloud tools add complexity and create data leakage risks. FileHub™ discovers where files and duplicates live, helping you minimize risk.

User Analytics

Employees are your most important resource, and they create the biggest risks. FileHub™ tracks user activity on files and in storage locations to help you understand behavior.

File Management

FileHub™ gives you visibility into your files through fingerprinting. This helps you scan and match look-a-like files while tracing activity, versions, near-duplications and more.

Unified Data Security

FileHub™ is the universal remote for your security tools, receiving and sending events while displaying all of them in a single pane of glass to speed up auditing and strategy.

The Details

Adopt a solution that gives you more

FileHub™ helps you gain visibility into user and file behavior on local machines, network servers and in the cloud while protecting unstructured data with policy controls to thwart insider threats and manage Shadow IT.


You don’t need the file to know what’s in the file. FileHub™ fingerprints your files to understand what’s in them, who created them and where they’re stored.


Bandwidth is precious, and FileHub™’s bandwidth and storage usage can be controlled via settings to help you keep fast connections.


FileHub™ uses agents and is available as a virtual on-prem on VMware, AWS, Azure, Hyper V and KVM. Other OS agents for local and network solutions are available.


Replacing DLPs, NGFWs and SIEMs is costly. FileHub™ integrates with as a many of these tools as possible and helps you manage and understand their data.

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We’re a global company and Veristock helps us transfer files internally across countries. I like the logging, security features and the limited time access capabilities for files. It also ensures that files are traceable and sent securely and it’s really easy to see who has access and who does not.

Senior Systems Administrator, Chervon