Analyze & Manage Access Across Various Locations

The Problem
Your employees and other insiders have access to various internal and external file storage, hosting and sharing tools. Governing this access and knowing where files are located is crucial for maintaining compliance.

The Solution
FileHub™ helps you identify control network file movement as well as Shadow IT. You can choose to allow and deny access. If access is allowed, users must allow permission to have files indexed and activity monitored before using cloud applications that IT authorizes. From there, security teams can monitor file activity and usage behavior, regardless of storage location.

Here are just some of the ways access security is improved:

Maintain the file lifecycle and match regulatory requirements

Network Storage Management

FileHub™ protects your network and local storage, helping to ensure that files reside in the right place, both technologically and geographically. Additionally, in-depth audit lifecycle trails are maintained so you can remain compliant for years and decades to come.

Expose Cloud Files & Thwart Shadow IT

Secure Cloud Access

FileHub™ lets you finally make Shadow IT secure for your organization while maintaining the productivity benefits. You can authorize or deny access to specific providers and reroute them to your existing alternatives. You’ll also gain feedback as to why the user tried to use that tool. Finally, on any authorized Shadow IT tool, users will need to allow fingerprint of their files so you can maintain an audit record.

Make sure sensitive data lives in the right country

Geographic Data Residency

With new regulations coming down from the EU and other countries, ensuring proper data residency is important. FileHub™ will help you identify the physical locations of storage to help you ensure sensitive data doesn’t exit geographic boundaries.

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