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intellectual property tracking

Intellectual Property Tracking

What if you could follow a piece of intellectual property as it turns from an idea into a reality? You’ve got talented, creative employees who are constantly innovating and coming up with revolutionary and disruptive ideas. These ideas are the bread and butter of your business. And, as that business, it’s your job to protect […]

famous intellectual property cases

Notable Cases of Intellectual Property Theft

If you really want to go back to the first time someone said, “Hey, that’s not yours; it’s mine!” then you have to travel back to Ancient Ireland, where the ownership rights of a biblical text turned into a violent dispute. The Cathach is a Latin version of the biblical Psalms. It was originally believed […]

ip intellectual property tracking in the cloud

Intellectual Property Tracking in the Cloud and On Your Network

Your organization’s intellectual property, perhaps your most prized business asset, is at risk. In today’s increasingly accessible world, disparate storage silos create a seemingly infinite array of leakage opportunities. Without some sort of intellectual property tracking tool, your most important data can walk off without a trace. Here’s the problem: cloud storage tools, whether that’s […]

Shadow IT User Behaviors

We write a lot about Shadow IT because it’s revolutionizing the way we all work. The faster technology and communications evolve, the easier it is to work the way employees are increasingly seeming to prefer — remotely. In fact, in 2016, 47% of employees (in a survey of 15,000 adults) reported that they work remotely […]

shadow it cloud solutions

Blocking and Detecting Shadow IT Cloud File Sharing Tools

Shadow IT behavior puts sensitive corporate and personal data at risk. Employees knowingly and unknowingly sync files to a number of diverse storage locations that reside outside of your network. Detecting this activity is tricky, even on your own network. If you don’t have a DLP, SIEM or a strong NGFW, you could be in […]

shadow it policy

Starting a Shadow IT Policy

Shadow IT has been a much-debated topic in the last few years. Is it a good thing that encourages employee innovation and increases production? Or is it a practice that rips company security policies to shreds, revealing every vulnerability? If you’re facing these questions, it’s probably time to craft a Shadow IT policy.