Curtis Peterson
ip intellectual property tracking in the cloud

Intellectual Property Tracking in the Cloud and On Your Network

Your organization’s intellectual property, perhaps your most prized business asset, is at risk. In today’s increasingly accessible world, disparate storage silos create a seemingly infinite array of leakage opportunities. Without some sort of intellectual property tracking tool, your most important data can walk off without a trace. Here’s the problem: cloud storage tools, whether that’s...
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shadow it cloud solutions

Blocking and Detecting Shadow IT Cloud File Sharing Tools

Shadow IT behavior puts sensitive corporate and personal data at risk. Employees knowingly and unknowingly sync files to a number of diverse storage locations that reside outside of your network. Detecting this activity is tricky, even on your own network. If you don’t have a DLP, SIEM or a strong NGFW, you could be in...
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file auditing

Move Beyond File Auditing: The Need for Awesome Visual Reports

For the CIO or CSO, hitting the checkboxes on an auditor’s report is a great feeling of excitement — or relief, especially when it comes to file auditing. In fact, many CIOs or CSOs are brought onboard specifically to help meet compliance and regulatory requirements that are often accompanied by some level of audit activity,...
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employee data loss prevention

Tips to Enhance Employee Data Theft Prevention Efforts

As a data security professional, taking action to thwart employee data theft is critical. Institutional knowledge loss hurts enough when it occurs naturally as a result of employee turnover. That data loss is accelerated when an employee is stealing trade secrets or, worse yet, amplified by taking that knowledge to a competitor. To help deal...
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