File Auditing for End-to-End Data Governance

The Problem
Numerous security tools and storage silos — local storage, network servers and cloud tools — add complexity and create audit nightmares.

The Solution
FileHub™ helps you understand where your files are, what’s getting accessed and how to deal with abnormal activity. You’ll spend less time digging up data and spend more time satisfying audit requirements and taking action to ensure data security.

File Audit Reporting Tools Included With FileHub™

Gain full visibility into all your files

Interactive Dashboards & Analytics

Once FileHub™ is set up, your customizable and interactive file analytics dashboard will help you understand file access and sharing behavior across various storage silos. Unlike digging through pages of activity logs, admins can quickly spot malicious activity and take immediate action to mitigate the risks.

Go beyond file ownership and see who uses the data

User Behavior Analytics

While each file has a creator, other people use the file and its contents. Only FileHub™ gives you insight into ownership beyond the original file and its extension. By matching look-a-like files, FileHub™ is able to report activity around information, not just the file itself, and tell you who routinely manipulates or accesses that information.

Find dark data across your infrastructure

Data Discovery

FileHub™ fingerprints your files across content and storage silos, helping you identify when sensitive information is out of bounds and at risk. If users allow their personal file sharing tools to be used and therefore indexed, you’ll discover once hidden data outside your normal visibility.

Compliant records detailing all file and user activity

In-Depth Reporting & Logs

For organizations impacted by compliance regulations like HIPAA, managing the file lifecycle can be a tricky and often painstaking process. FileHub™ streamlines this burden with permanent and detailed activity and location reports, including file movement and access method history.

Intelligent sorting and data aggregation

File Lifecycles and Storyboards

The storyboards and lifecycle reports in FileHub™ give you a never-before-achieved level of visual information to help you comb through a file’s history. FileHub™ visualizes, sorts through and aggregates essential data and events buried in audit logs and your existing security tools.

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