Seamless Integration for Storage and Security Tools

The Problem
Your team uses files that are stored in various locations on different platforms or technologies. This means sensitive files are being created, accessed, shared and even deleted without IT’s oversight.

The Solution
FileHub™ gives you visibility into file repositories through a single pane-of-glass, leveraging our robust API and Connectors. Connect various security tools and storage silos to improve compliance and govern accessibility.

Here are some of the tools you can use with FileHubTM:

Access, manage and govern all cloud files

Cloud Storage Connectors

Connect the cloud storage your business uses every day for better visibility. Services like Office 365, Amazon S3 and SharePoint are easier and safer to manage with FileHub™. Do you use Dropbox, Google Drive or other file sharing tools? When users authorize allowable tools, FileHub™ fingerprints those files and understands activity for better control and audit compliance.

Know local machine activity

Desktop Connector

Looking for a way to give employees a non-disruptive tool that layers on more security and compliance? Our desktop connector feeds file related activity back to FileHub™, helping you keep track of locally stored data. When combined with our proprietary fingerprinting technology, you’ll go beyond file access reporting to know who has access to specific information, even on their desktop or laptop.

Gain visibility into your unified data security strategy

Security Tool Integration

Just buying security tools and spending hours crafting audit reports isn’t a successful strategy. FileHub™ visualizes, sorts through and aggregates essential events in your existing security tools and displays them in our easy to read and manipulate storyboard.

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